Covid-19 Update

The City of Philadelphia has entered a second shutdown effective from November 20, 2020-January 1, 2021. The new restrictions limt the following activities:

  • High schools and colleges must move to online instruction only, with the exception of clinical instruction for students in health sciences. 

  • Indoor dining at restaurants and other foodservice businesses. (Takeout, delivery and outdoor dining may continue. Additional restrictions on outdoor dining are detailed below.) 

  • Theaters, including movie theaters, and other performance spaces. 

  • Bowling alleys, arcades, and game spaces.

  • Museums.

  • Libraries. (Those serving as Access Centers may continue to operate. Curbside dropoff and pickup services for patrons are allowed.)

  • Casinos.

  • Recreational activities and sports for youth, community groups, and schools. 

  • Gyms and indoor exercise classes. (Exercise groups and classes may continue outdoors.)

  • Indoor pools.

  • Senior day services (senior centers and adult daycare centers) remain closed.


Program Update

Fitness classes will resume online beginning December 7, 2020 with Jorge Santos.


Pool activities are cancelled until further notice. Refunds for classes are being processed.


Learning community will continue to meet Monday-Friday from 8:10AM-5:00PM. The program will continue to follow the recommended measures put in place by the City of Philadelpha and the Center of Disease Control to keep staff and participants safe. Additional precautions have been put in place for the children, including the usage of face shields for each child.

As we enter the holidays, GLEC is sending well wishes and the hope for a safe and healthy new year to not only our members, but the City of Philadelphia.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours truly,