1. Absolutely NO street shoes on deck
2. NO string bikinis
3. NO boxer or any other under clothes
4. NO street clothes, basketball shorts, or cut off shorts
5. NO excessive cleavage
6. NO water shoes in pool (except during water aerobics)
7. Babies must wear swim diapers
8. No shirts (unless it’s a swim shirt)

9. Flotation devices must be coast guard approved.
- Please see lifeguard if you have questions regarding this policy

1. NO running
2. NO diving
3. No Jumping in shallow end
4. NO horseplay
5. NO foul and/or intimidating behavior and/or language
6. Members and guests may NOT have food or drink on deck
7. Children under 48” must take a swim test and parent or guardian (18+ years)
    a. If swim test passed parent may watch child from deck for children under 14
    b. If swim test failed and child under 48” parent must be in water with child
    c. If child fails test and is comfortable in water and 48” or above and under 14, parent may watch child from deck
8. You must be 14 and older to swim without parent.
9. Parent to young child ratio in water is 1 parent:3 children     

10. Everyone must take a shower before entering the pool.

11. All Members and Guests must read the rules and sign in BEFORE entering the pool

12. NO Swimming Alone. A lifeguard must be on duty

13. Anyone going to the deep end must be swim tested. There is no age exception

14. Do not talk to the lifeguard or ask the guard to retrieve you items. Any item you want should be retrieved and returned by you.

15. No balls of any kind are allowed in the pool. Members and guests may bring noodles and sinking toys.

These rules are strictly enforced and are in place for the safety of members and guests. If these rules are not followed, you will be asked to leave the aquatics facility.
If you have any questions regarding any of these rules please speak to the lifeguard.
Lap Swim and Water Walking Guidelines
Lap Swimmers should swim in the lap lanes for the safety of the swimmer and other members. During busy times lap swimmers are given preference to have the lanes during lap swim times, since lap swimmers are typically not looking in front of them while swimming and water walker can see where he or she is going at all times.
Lap swimmers are advised to share lanes by doing circle swim or splitting the lane.
  1. When a lap swimmer enters the lane with another swimmer he/she should make the other swimmer aware that the lane will be shared.
  2. While lap swimming please be mindful where you are in the lane. If sharing the lane you cannot swim down the middle of the lane, you must be on the left or right side of the lane.
  3. When choosing a lane to swim in, you should choose a lane where the swimmer is swimming the same pace as you.
Water walkers are advised to use the 2 lanes near the stairs when lap swim is busy. If a water walker gets into a lane and water walks then a lap swimmer joins him/her in the lane the water walker can stay in the lane, but cannot complain if there is splashing from the lap swimmer.
Individuals who are in the pool and not water walking during lap and water walking times are advised to stay near the wall closest to the steps to avoid interrupting the workout of water walkers and lap swimmers.
Hours of Operation:

8:00am to 5:00pm

(Pool closes at 4:30pm)

Monday thru Friday:

6:30am to 8:00pm

(Pool closes at 7:30pm)

Sunday: Closed

Located in Historical YMCA of Germantown building at 5722 Greene Street Philadelphia, PA 19144

Tel: 215-844 3281

Germantown Life Enrichment Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

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